Do you have a healthy septic system? If there is a problem with your system, who are you going to call? Do you need a septic system service technician or a plumber? These are questions that homeowners have to answer from time to time. If you make the wrong call, it could turn out to be very costly. Let’s think about this scenario, you had a long day of work and you are home and ready to relax, you discover that the water is slow to drain from the shower and/or sink. You most likely will only spend a couple of seconds wondering why that happened and go on about your evening.

But, later you notice the toilet did not flush properly, meaning it did not do down the proper amount or not at all. If it backs up and overflows into the floor you begin to realize you have a problem. Who are you going to call? Do you know the last time your septic system was serviced? Did someone put something down the system that should not have been flushed?

Here at Henson Septic Services, we have seen it all. Our technicians will know exactly what to do when you have a need. We will recommend a schedule to have your septic system serviced for those “Oh No” moments as well as keeping your septic system flowing properly with a very affordable maintenance plan.

Henson Septic Tank Pumping in Georgia

To maintain your septic system, the homeowner should maintain a regular scheduled external and internal inspection for a healthy septic system. Here are Henson Septic Systems, we recommend the homeowner check for obvious leaks, backups, overflown drain field, quarterly. 

Whether you keep up with the maintenance of your septic system yourself as the homeowner or you hire someone, here are a few things that we recommend as part of maintenance for a healthy septic system. You may also want to review the resources listed here if you live in the state of Georgia.

  •  Make sure the lid is secure and clean all dirt and debris from the tank openings to ensure no dirt can enter into the tank 
  • Using an adhesive tape around the lid is a good idea to prevent dirt from getting inside. 
  • Do a drainage test by opening a faucet throughout the house on sink, toilet, bathtub, etc… to ensure you have no stopped up drains and water is draining into your tank.  
  • You should do these visual checks annually, but you should have your tank inspected evert 2 to 5 years if no problems 

If you suspect that you may have a septic problem, or you have already called your trusted Plumber and the problem is still not resolved, contact the septic system professionals at Henson Septic Services. We are a phone call away or you can use our contact us form for a free quote on all your septic service needs.