Here are the top 3 benefits of having your septic system pumped on a regular basis. (1) To most homeowners, the most valuable one is that it helps to avoid backups and costly cleanup. (2) You will have a better resale value with a well-maintained system should you decide to put your home on the market to sell. (3) It helps the drain field to last longer.

Performing a residential septic system pumping should take place every 2-3 years in order to maintain proper system operation. Another thing to consider when deciding how often to have your septic system pumped is the household size and number of occupants living in the home. The size (gallons) plays a role in this decision as well. Here is an example: A 500-gallon tank and 4 occupants, your septic system may need to be pumped every year. But, a 1500-gallon tank and 4 occupants you can most likely go about 4 years unless there are noticeable issues with the performance of the system.

Regular maintenance of a septic disposal system includes pumping the septic tank and inspecting components within the tank (which includes inlet and outlet baffles). Henson Septic Services wastewater treatment professionals stay ahead with scheduled training and apply the latest industry practices for homeowners across the region.

Your septic system is its own ecosystem. The solids sink to the bottom, the top is filled with fats, proteins, and oils. The greywater (effluent) takes up the middle area. When the system and drain field is working properly, the effluent water flows out into the soil in the yard and the solids remain in the system. If the homeowner fails to have the system pumped on a regular basis, the system can fill up with those solids and cause the system to overflow. If this happens there is a good chance it will flow back into your home. This can be a cause for “costly cleanup” services and headaches for the homeowner.

Henson Septic Services offers Northeast Georgia homeowners septic system pumping services. Our technicians rank among one of the most experienced within the Northeast Georgia region and accommodate our customers with emergency response 24 hours/7 days a week.

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