What Happens During A Septic Inspection? This is a very common question. When your septic system is inspected, we check:
  • The inlet and outlet baffles to assure the water is running through the system correctly.
  • The water level to assure it is at normal level. By making sure the level is not too high or too low, we can be sure other aspects of the system are running properly.
  • The inlet line attached to the house is flowing properly into the tank.
  • The field lines are taking in water properly. The field lines make up a large part of a septic system, so assuring they are working as they is very important. These lines often erode over time and often have to be replaced as a whole, or in parts and reconnected to the existing lines. It is helpful in the long-run to have these checked out regularly to prevent large repair jobs.
Protecting Your Investment: Septic Systems | Jeannine Taylor ... After your septic system is inspected, the inspector will write up a report so you can have documentation of the health of your system. If there are any repairs needing to be done, the inspector will go over those with you and you can schedule the repair at your convenience. If you haven’t had your septic system inspected recently or you just want some professional advice as to the health of your tank, give Henson Septic Services a call at 1-706-949-1460. We’re also available through email at hensonsepticservices@gmail.com. For expert septic system maintenance, inspection, and repair, we’re the answer for Northeast Georgia homeowners!